Nashville's Book Stores

Nashville's Book Stores


In this economy, it's always great to find good deals. The BookMan/BookWoman book store located in Nashville on 21st Avenue in Hillsboro Village. It is a very unique book store that any bibliophile will fall in love with. The owners, Larry and Saralee Woods, opened this bookstore because they needed a place for their huge collection of books they have collected over the years.

BookMan/BookWoman bookstore sells the latest best seller books, as well as gently used books at huge discount prices. It is consistently being voted Nashville's favorite bookstores by local book lovers, and they support authors by reporting their book sales to the New York Times Best Seller Lists each and every week.

One of the best things about this book store is you can almost always find that latest best seller at up to 90 percent off the original price, they have many used books at even more of a discount.

If you own many books yourself, take them to Bookman/BookWoman bookstore and trade them in for a new book at a great discount and save even more money. Visit their website to get great book reading suggestions if you are stuck on what you should read next. Visit this unique bookstore and you will be sure to find that great book that you just can't put down.